..:: I love you more than… DAY TWO of Valentine’s Inspiration

3 Feb

I think perhaps some of the sweetest gifts are those that are handmade from the heart! When my Irish is getting ready to go out of the town for the weekend or month, I love to write him little notes. I will stash them away accordingly based on the time line of his trip. I know day one he’ll already be wearing his outfit for the day, so the next move he might make is getting ready to unpack his luggage. I’ll throw a note on the top of his clothes, so when he opens his luggage, he’ll see my love note. Then maybe he’ll be getting ready for bed soon and I’ll have strategically placed a love note on his toothpaste.  Days go by and he thinks he has found all the notes, but later that evening he is going to a fancy dinner and needs to bust out the black slacks. Once he is walking around in them and perhaps slips his hand into his pocket, there he will find the last love letter.

I think it’s important to keep the butterflies in a relationship. I think love notes here and there, do just that for a couple. Inspired by my own little routine and this cool website dedicated to love, I love you more than blank, from Paperwhite Studio, I thought I’d give you all some inspiration for the upcoming day of LUV.   Check out the “I love you more than…” cards!  Enjoy!




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